Business Credit Coaching

How Our Business Credit Coaching Program Works

Business Credibility - PHASE 1

Establishing your business credibility

In this phase we will verify all public information on your business. This will build a superior foundation on which we can begin  growing business credit.

  1. Verify All Business Information
  2. Systematically Build Business Credibility
  3. Obtain 3 – 5  Credit Accounts that Report
  4. Learn to Read Business Credit Reports

Building Business Credit - PHASE 2

Building your business credit

In phase 2 we will expand on the foundation you put in place during phase 1. We will start to see some accounts reporting and plan your next set of accounts to acquire. We show you exactly which accounts to apply to and when!

  1. Monitor your original accounts
  2. Create a plan for Credit Line Acquisition
  3. Add 3 – 5  more Reporting Accounts
  4. Read and Maintain Business Credit Reports


Advanced Stage - PHASE 3

Advanced Credit Growth

At the completion of this step you’ll have between 10 – 15 accounts reporting on your profile. In Phase 3, you’ll be growing your list of accounts and preparing for graduation of our program.

  1. Learn the key ratios to Business Credit Reporting
  2. Develop your plan to push into the “Prime Funding Zone”
  3. Stack on 3 – 5  Reporting Accounts
  4. Prepare for High-Limit Financing

Elite Stage - PHASE 4

Credit Success Graduate

Now is the time to qualify for High-Limit Financing ($150K+). You will be ready to qualify for many types of funding, revolving accounts, and credit lines.

  1. Look How Far You’ve Come
  2. Create a plan for Credit Mastery
  3. Round out your portfolio of 20 Reporting Accounts
  4. Grow Your Business!

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